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Love Forever Capsules,Lotion & Prash FAQ

1.  Please bring some light on Love forever ?
Ans. Love forever is a prefect ayurvedic supplement contains capsules, lotion and prash for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

2.  How can you say that the love forever is better than the other medicines in the market?
Ans. You must have heard about various medicines in the market and there side effects too..It happens because these medicines are formed by using various steroids and other chemicals which gradually damage the body in long course..But as we have mentioned that Love forever has been made up of pure natural herbs .It would put no negative reaction on body as well as will not cause any other elementary diseases.

3.  Will Love forever cause any side effects?
Ans. Love forever has been formulated from the best ayurvedic herbs in the world hence it is 100 % pure and natural having no side effects.

4.  Does love forever contain any chemical products?
Ans. No it is 100% pure and a drug free product.

5.  Is there any age limit of using this product?  Can male and female both use it?
Ans. Yes, after the age of 18 both male and female can get the benefits out it.

6.  How does love forever work ?
Ans. It calms down individual's mind set, makes him more confident,gives extra stamina , extra power and unlimited feelings to go on with.

7.  How many days it takes showing its influence ? Do we need to take any precautions as well?
Ans. It will start showing its impact within 10 to 15 days..And avoid having fat containing food when you are using love forever.

8.  I want to order your product but want to conceal my Identity, nor let my family know about should I go about it ?
Ans.You don't have to be worried about it. Because this would come to you packed in covered box which would not reveal any sign of this product and nobody would be able to get to know about it..We are feeling glad to tell you that your identity would be kept hidden.

9.  I think it is too expensive.?
Ans. Just Rs. 3400/- and you have your happiness back, a perfect life is worth more than just Rs. 3400/- and we intend to serve you best.